Generate recurring revenue solving a universally smelly problem

We began our Bin Blasters journey almost 5 years ago! I've been here since day one and I'll be here to help you start, grow and scale your own Bin Blasters Franchise.

As an emerging Franchisor, we're able to dedicate more individual time to each Franchisee. Your success is our success and we're dedicated to providing the most comprehensive training and support we can offer.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Casey Evertsen

  • Bin Blasters Founder & CEO

Equipment | Training | Support | Customer Service | Lead Generation | Growth Team

The demand for clean, odor-free garbage cans has never been higher.

Growing a successful bin cleaning business requires proven systems for growth and an owner willing to put in the hours to make it a success!

A Bin Blasters Franchisee is able to get started quickly, with a full support team helping them reach their revenue goals.

Blast Bins With Us!

"How does it work?"

Your Bin Blasters rig is designed to lift and clean 100's of filthy bins per day using only hot water and high pressure. Our avg stop takes less than 5 minutes and generates $35-$100 depending on the number of bins and the chosen service.

Any grey water and debris are stored away safely for easy disposal after each route.

Cleaning the bins is easy. Growing a loyal subscriber base, now that takes work. You'll work 1:1 with a Success Coach who's a Bin Blaster just like you!

Together, you'll set goals and benchmarks to help you gain your first 1000 subscribers as quickly as possible, then rinse and repeat!

A Typical Bin Blasters Job

Onboarding Starts Monday!

Kourtney-Bin Blasters Cache Valley

Kaden- Bin Blasters St.George & Success Coach

You'll begin working with your Success Coach immediately. Be prepared to:

  • Complete your onboarding tasks quickly.

  • Train with a current Bin Blasters Franchisee here in Utah.

  • Plan your initial routes service area based on our experience and proven methods.

  • Form local partnerships while planning your launch and future community events.

  • Begin growing a valuable subscriber base that can't wait for their first service!

Our Ideal Candidate

We're searching for those eager to grow and maximize their territory with multiple routes, rigs and shifts.

Are you able to:

  • Devote full time effort to growing a local subscriber base?

  • Provide a consistent, reliable service?

  • Help set the standard in an unregulated industry?

  • Keep a customer 1st mentality 365 days a year.

  • Follow a proven system and provide valuable feedback and mentorship?

Bin Blasters 2023 Summer Party!

Marketing & Customer Support

You focus on your community and customers, we'll focus on your online presence and customer service! As a Bin Blasters Franchisee, you'll be supported with..

  • Location specific website, built to convert and educate potential customers.

  • Professional graphic design for any local marketing needs.

  • Digital marketing and lead nurturing with automated follow up and future offers.

  • Automated online reputation management (Google reviews)

  • Detailed monthly reports of all online marketing efforts, conversions and follow up.

  • Dedicated customer service agent for inbound calls and driver support.

1 Truck/Trailer Potential?


Blasts Per Day- With 2 Dense Routes/Shifts

5 Min

Average Blast Time


Avg Rev Per Blast



Potential Subscribers in Your Territory

Equipment & Financing

Financing your Bin Blasters Franchise is easier than you may think. We've partnered with multiple lenders to provide you with a variety of options to help you start, grow and scale your Bin Blasters territories.




Initial Inquiry

After submitting your initial inquiry, we'll review and schedule you.

If so, we'll schedule a brief introduction call to discuss our selection process and what to expect over the coming weeks.

You'll then be sent our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) which will cover every cost and detail of opening a Bin Blasters Franchise.



After your review of the FDD, we'll schedule an interview with our leadership so we can get to know you better, review the main points of the FDD and discuss your operating plan.


Discovery Day/Franchise Agreement

You'll visit us in Utah to meet in person, Blast some Bins and if ready, set things in motion by signing the Franchise Agreement.


Let's Get to Work!

Your onboarding and training begins immediately. You'll work with your Success Coach and our online portal to prepare you for launch in 30-60 days or less!

Get Started

Thank you for your interest in a Bin Blasters Franchise. Please complete the form below in order to be considered for a franchise.

We're Prioritizing Warm Weather Territories

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